Amaderjalsha, Oslo

***** About Amaderjalsha *****

Bengali and Norwegian households initiative educational and social gathering in Oslo    

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“Amader Jalsha: A connection with the Bengali heritage !!!

In Bengali, Jalsha means people getting together. Amaderjalsha initiated in Oslo by Badrul Bhai has offered a unique platform to discuss Bengali heritage comprises its arts, music, language,  literature, folk traditions and philosophy of life. Bengal is a homeland for over 180 million people. East Bengal is now the sovereign country Bangladesh and West Bengal is one of the populous states in India. 

Bangla (our beloved language and Bengali culture) is increasingly disappearing from the second generations of Bengalis in Oslo. Moreover, ideas, principles and philosophy that were once vital to the mainstream Bengali society are becoming old-fashioned, conservative and downright inappropriate in the current context of economic, social and moral value system.

In this context, AmaderJalsha gives us an opportunity to inject interest among new generation Bengalis to get acquaint with our heritage, and for us (seniors) to imbibe in Bangla literature, music, culture and heritage. I am sure that initiatives taken by Amader Jalsha will unite like minded people to combine their efforts into a meaningful movement to rejuvenate interests in Bangla among the new generations in Oslo”.

—-Amaderjalsha / Professor Asim K. Duttaroy